What is it?

The EscapeRoom Costa Rica is a real life experience that challenges you and your team to escape in less than 60 minutes from a mind blowing puzzle adventure room.

Who should Play?

  • Gamers &

    The EscapeRoom provides entertainment at all levels that will challenge you to win. Is winning not enough? Go for the record!

  • Familly &

    Whether you're looking for a new adventure with your family, or you're just tired of staring at screens with your friends, let EscapeRoom get you out of your comfort zone.

  • Coworkers &

    EscapeRoom is an ideal team building activity. After playing one of our games, your team will never work together the same way. The EscapeRoom is a great way to build relational equity, leadership, and improve motivation.

  • Tourists &

    Whether you're traveling by yourself or with a group, The EscapeRoom is a must stop destination while you're in San Jose. We draw you away from nature for a little while.

The Rooms

We offer two unique Escape Rooms that will take you on a memorable journey.

The Mystery of Time

A crime has occurred! 

The aim is not to capture the criminal, rather unlock the mystery.

Can you crack the case?


Taliban Prisoners

Afghanistan 2002. You and your colleagues were caught by the taliban and taken to a secret bunker. American troops just attacked the place and have forced to leave to all the terrorists to leave.
Now you’re locked up and all alone. You have 60 minutes to get out, or else…

Will you get out alive?



The Cup Robbery

8 People | 26 min

., ., ., ., ., ., ., .

7 People | 33 min

., ., ., ., ., ., .

6 People | 30 min
Float-Hoes ♡

., ., ., ., ., .

5 People | 36 min

., ., ., ., .

4 People | 43 min
Primos Cárdenas

., ., ., .

3 People | 46 min
Optimus Prime

., ., .

2 People | 47 min
Los Talibanes

., .

Taliban Prisoners

8 People | 40 min
Los DA Griffith

., ., ., ., ., ., ., .

7 People | 48 min

., ., ., ., ., ., .

6 People | 43 min
Western Union

., ., ., ., ., .

5 People | 41 min
Yay Area

., ., ., ., .

4 People | 40 min
Los Jefazzos!!

., ., ., .

3 People | 55 min
Su,Félix y Glc

., ., .

2 People | 49

., .


Q. What is an Escape Room?

A. It’s a real life experience that challenges you to escape in less than 60 minutes from an escape room that has a particular theme or mission.

Working together as a team, using logic, wit and observation you must solve puzzles that will bring you once step closer to completing the challenge and ultimately solving the room and escaping in less than 60 minutes.

Q. What is the minimum age to participate?

A. Our age recommendation is over 16. We welcome players 12 years and above with a minimum of at least one person in the group that is over 16.

Q. How many players at the same time? (Team Size)

A. Our rooms can accommodate teams of 2 – 8 players.

As the saying goes: “Four eyes see more than two”. Therefore, larger groups have a bigger chance of success. It can be a little more challenging to succeed with only two players but with concentration and team work you can definitely get the job done.

Q. I don't speak Spanish. Is this a problem?

A. Our games are designed for both English and Spanish speakers. Any person with a little Spanish or a little English can solve this challenge applying logic and common sense.

Q. What happens if we are late?

A. We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your reserved game time. If you are late over 10 minutes from your reserved time you will lose your time slot. Reservation rotate around a 90-minute basis so we need to start on time.

Q. How long is the whole activity?

A. Approximately 90 minutes: 15 minutes for introduction to our facilities, review of safety guidelines, and an overview of the game; 60 minutes of playing time; and 15 minutes for wrap up, comments, and the immortalized picture of your experience.

Q. Someone from our group can't make it and won't be showing up?

A. No worries. The team can continue and play without that person, find another interested friend, or substitute him with a walk in.

Q. What happens if we get stuck solving the problems inside the Room?

A. No worries. Our staff has been trained to help you via walkie-talkies and video cameras inside the rooms. They can lead you to the answer of that particular step to help you get on your way to the final solution. They can’t offer the solution to all problems or in its effect to the final solution since that would not be fun.

Having said that, each clue costs 3 minutes of final escape time. You still have 60 minutes of playing time but these minutes will affect your final posted escape time in our board of records.

i.e. if you completed the room in 51 minutes and requested two clues during the game, your total time would be 51 min + (2clues * 3 min) for a total of 57 minutes.

Remember that the 3 minutes do not take away from playing time but only get added to your final exit time. You can ask as many clues as you want throughout the game.

Q. Any accessibility and/or special requirements or concerns?

A. Not at all. No physical ability is needed for any of the games. The only requirement is the ability to observe the environment carefully and use your ingenuity and imagination to discovering the challenges and get out in time.

Q. And If a player wants to abandon the game?

A. You can exit at any time by the same door you entered. All you have to do is ask the staff and explain to them your desire to not continue the game. Our staff is monitoring the game closely through the cameras and are ready to react in case of any situation that might arise.

You can always come back and try again.

Q. What hapens if we can't complete the task in under 60 minutes?

A. If you are unable to complete the room in less tan 60 minutes, our staff will enter the room to let you know that the time is up.

Q. Should I bring in personal items or objects to the game room?

A. You do not need anything in the room. You can leave all of your personal belongings in the keyed lockers beside the reception desk. Inside each room are all of the elements necessary to accurately resolve the challenge. Cell phones could be a distraction instead of an aid for this type of activity.

Q. Do we need prior reservation?

A. We encourage you to reserve through our web page. But, if you are passing by and feel this great urge of trying to defy our rooms then you might be in luck to find an empty spot to participate.

Q. Can I change my reservation?

A. Yes, by calling 2289-2224 or sending an email to reservas@escaperoomcostarica.com we can modify the date and time of your booking. We recommend a minimum of 2 days before your original event time and date. If time is running out please call.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Price depends on total number of people participating in the event. These prices are per person per room.
2 people: ¢15.000 p.p.
3 people: ¢14.500 p.p.
4 people: ¢14.000 p.p.
5 people: ¢13.500 p.p.
6 people: ¢13.000 p.p.
7 people: ¢12.500 p.p.
8 people: ¢12.000 p.p.

These prices are final as they already include a 13% sales tax.

Q. How do I pay?

A. We accept credit card and cash. Once the game is finished you can pay the price that corresponds to the group based on the number of people that participated.

Q. I would like to organize a corporate activity. What do you suggest?

A. Escape Room Costa Rica is an ideal activity for businesses to get out of the office and participate in a special and enriching time. Our games are the correct tool that can help you determine a groups dynamic and learn from each team mate. You can even use it to evaluate candidates when interviewing, improve motivation, determine leadership potential, or just a fun outing with your team.

Contact us at reservas@escaperoomcostarica.com to see how we can help you organize your corporate event